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About Us

The company was incorporated in 2021 with Focus on product development and IT/IES services. The founder members Adyapragnya come with a decades of experience in product management and consultancy services. The company head quarters at Bengaluru the Silicon Valley of India. The legacy of product management, support services with customer first approach gives us an edge over.

- The Mantra of Adyapragnya is “We make your business grow” by providing trusted services to our customers.

Why Choose Us?

Adyapragnya was established by Indian professionals responding to the growing need for helping align the region's developmental priorities with cost-effective technology and business alternatives while promoting indigenous ventures.

Self-funded, organic footing means we are not burdened by corporate overhead or investor obligations. This allows us to make client's needs our exclusive focus while letting growth be guided solely by customer satisfaction and innovation, not by boardroom numbers.

Substance over Style. Our entire team including the founders, who are seasoned practitioners themselves, share the same passion in building solutions that offer operational benefits, not marketing hype. Our work is rooted in leveraging the best and the most efficient combination of people, technology and training to create products that are practical, usable and affordable.

Lessons learned from decades of industry engagements continue to guide our journey forward. We view our clients as the only subject matter experts, whose knowledge and unique insights are what enable us to be responsive to their needs and growth. We bring the same thinking when facilitating partner engagements to add complementary value in a "whole of ecosystem" approach.


Asset Management

Asset management is a centralized system which enables an organization to create profiles for its assets, provide access & record asset details, maintain, manage and track the physical condition.

Geo Survey

We manage and provide GIS, GPS, GDPS and Asset Survey.

CAD and GIS Services

Cutting Edge Geospatial solutions services and CAD services for asset infrastructure management.


Asset and Infrastructure consultancy services for implementation of CMMS, ERP, Billing System and etc,.

Advisory Services

Expert advisory services for infrastructure management.

Implementation Services

CMMS, AMS, GIS based solutions implementation services.

Web Development

We have mastered advanced web technologies, develop and rollout futuristic, informative and user friendly website with quick turnaround time.

Application Development

The Team Adyapragnya is young and energetic developers who can rollout adhoc application development services based on the requirements.


University Campus Asset Maintenance Management System

A comprehensive U-CAMMS platform that complements Universities / Educational Institutions processes by streamlining Asset Maintenance Operations.

  • Compile accurate information about assets.
  • Analyze performance.
  • Schedule preventative maintenance.
  • Download reports in a digital format.
  • Access a cloud-based platform anytime anywhere.
  • Know the history and changes to an asset.
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Frequently Asked Questions?

U-CAMMS or University Campus Asset Maintenance and Management System is a channelized tool to maintain all assets. It plays a significant role in the accurate tracking and managing the assets with limited financial resources by making informed decisions.

U CAMMS, a visionary product developed by Adyapragnya Technologies provides a trustworthy platform for universities to audit, maintain and manage their assets.

We aim to provide a more vigilant, reliant, user friendly and safe interface to streamline and maintain all your assets, where we ensures reliable, live and accurate asset location data and simplifies the maintenance process.

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Adyapragnya Technologies Private Limited

We make your Business grow...


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